Why hard drive is clicking?

Why Hard Drive Clicking?

Your Hard Drive Clicking. Why? First of all, an explanation of the nature of this sound should be given. Hard Drive Clicking due to heads hitting the limiter. The reasons may be different, but most likely there are just two options: HDD is worn or defective.

Defective hard drive may click because of so-called thermal calibration  when the drive responds to the increase of its body temperature and causes head positioning system re-initialization. Besides, the hard drive is clicking due to the bad, “rattling” or an unstable power supply, when the head goes into the parking area and the HDD electronics does a restart. But the most common reason for the clicks is simply failed heads.

Let us consider a situation when a hard drive failure leads to clicks. Typically, in this case the positioning system for one reason or another is not able to receive signals from the drive heads, indicating that the head “sees” servo-marks. In this case, the hard drive squeaks, whistles, bangs or makes other unusual sounds. The actuator moves the head unit for all available amplitude, hence causing the clicking sounds. Also the hard drive could click if there was a failure in the process of loading the firmware and it hangs up, not allowing the processor to control the hard drive work.

In all cases the clicking hard drive needs qualified diagnostics to determine the cause and to develop strategy for implementation of a successful data recovery from clicking hard drive.

Common procedures for containment and attempts to eliminate extraneous noise in the hard disk as follows:

Ensure that adequate power supplied to the disc. Check the drive on another PC with a different power supply. Ensure that the drive does not overheat during operation. Check the control board and replace it with a known good, transfer the contents of the ROM

If the clicking hard drive that stores important information for you, ask for help in our laboratory for the data recovery from the hard disk drive.